The Cleantech Syndicate
A Family Office network dedicated to Cleantech and Alternative Energy direct investing
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About The Cleantech Syndicate

The Cleantech Syndicate ("the Syndicate") is a consortium of 11 prominent families focused on making direct investments into privately-held Cleantech and Alternative Energy companies. The members of the Cleantech Syndicate have already invested over $1.2 billion into such companies and are looking to invest an additional $1.4 billion over the next five years.  The collective net worth of all Syndicate members exceeds $30 billion.  

Founded in June 2010 by McNally Capital and Black Coral Capital, the Syndicate's mission is to pool family office expertise, resources and capital to help the individual members expand their respective investment capabilities by working together.  Each family brings a robust set of skills and resources to bear for the group's benefit.  Each Syndicate member:  1)  has a significant pool of capital earmarked for Cleantech investment, 2) has operating and/or investment expertise in one or more segments relevant to this strategy, 3) is willing to share their expertise and deal flow with other members, and 4) has a team in place dedicated to the deployment of its Cleantech capital.

The Cleantech Syndicate supports leading management teams with substantial capital and industry insight, but does not operate with the constraints of a typical private equity fund.  We have the ability to invest in companies at all stages, in all geographies, and in all Cleantech industry segments.  And our unique structure allows us to provide additional capital to companies as needed and to hold an investment for so long as is required to maximize its value.

The Co-Founders

McNally Capital works directly with family offices to help them make and manage their investments in private companies and private equity funds. The Firm also invests alongside its clients through direct co-investment and through its proprietary fund vehicles. At the core of everything the firm does is an extensive network of more than 350 family offices, which generates unparalleled access to capital and expertise. For more information please visit:

Black Coral Capital is a family office, which invests in funds, companies, and projects in the Cleantech and renewable energy space. Black Coral Capital backs superior management teams across a number of areas such as energy efficiency and the solar supply chain, and invests at all stages of growth from early stage to growth capital. For more information please visit: